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Pricing Options

Homeowners insurance often covers biohazard remediation. The Bio-One of Scottsdale billing team can assist filing and submitting homeowner's insurance claims.

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    Homeowners insurance often covers biohazard remediation. The Bio-One of Scottsdale billing team can assist filing and submitting homeowner's insurance claims.

    Name of the insured

    The name of the individual on the insurance policy.


    Insurance carrier

    Business name of the insurance provider.


    Policy number

    The insurance policy number.


    Date of loss

    This is the date when the event that caused the damage or loss occurred.

    Typically, insurance will pay the full amount, less the deductible. Homeowners or the insured will then be responsible for paying the deductible

    What if We Don’t Have Homeowners Insurance?

    Bio-One of Scottsdale will visit the property to evaluate the situation and provide a remediation plan. Because insurance isn’t involved, we will work with the homeowner or next of kin directly to negotiate pricing and best next steps to help.
    Renters Insurance
    In many cases, renters insurance only covers personal property. Depending on the circumstances, we may just need to remediate personal property and renters insurance may cover this work, less your deductible.

    if remediation includes changes to the structure of the property (removal of flooring, drywall, vanities, etc.) we will need to get permission from the property manager or property owner to complete remediation.

    Often, Bio-One helps file two insurance claims in these situations. One to renters insurance and one to homeowners insurance.
    Hoarding, unfortunately, isn’t covered by insurance. Bio-One teams offer estimates and will create a detailed remediation proposal to meet your needs and goals.

    To help with payment, there are often local organizations or social service programs that may be able to help with funding. Ask your Bio-One office if they have referrals for help with payment.
    Discounts and Offers
    Many Bio-One locations actively offer extra discounts for sites involving children, law enforcement officers, other first responders, veterans, and military personnel.

    Be sure to ask about these offers to see if your location is participating.
    Accurate Estimates

    At Bio-One, we make it a point to learn your goals and create an estimate that meets your expectations. 

    To do this, we will visit your property and tour the impacted areas. During this estimate, we’ll:

    • Evaluate remediation next steps
    • Ask key questions to learn what success means to you
    • Prepare an estimate that reflects our tour and discussion
    Financing May Be Available
    • Rates from 0% APR
    • No hidden fees
    • Checking eligibility won’t affect your credit score

    Financing may not be available in all areas. Contact your local Bio-One for more information.

    To provide accurate estimates, it’s critical we visit the property in person. A few of the things our teams evaluate are:

    Location of the biohazard incident
    Potential spread of the biohazards in unseen spaces (under flooring, drywall, carpet, etc.)
    Number of items in the home that have been impacted
    Time needed to set up OSHA zones and thoroughly disinfect personal property
    Density of the debris
    Time needed to sort through items
    Identifying items that could be donated or should be saved
    Disinfection process once the clutter is removed